The Finnish Pain Association was founded in 1991 and from the beginning its purpose has been to improve the condition of the pain patients and increase the knowledge of pain. Over the years the wording has changed but the aim has been the same; make pain patient life a little bit easier.

The principals of the national Pain Association are to act as a pain patient caretaker, promote pain research and rehabilitation, inform matters related to pain and also develop support group activity together with the public healthcare.

The aim of the Finnish Pain Association is to create better tomorrow for all of us. We aspire to develop cooperation with home, work, environment and especially with healthcare. Knowledge, skills and a will to help are important elements.

We offer our members a possibility to participate in a meaningful activity. We organize information occasions, training and supply literature and other material related to pain patients. Our aim is to respond to the question which is often hard for the pain patients; the lack of social network and opportunity for active life. Support groups all over the country, various recreational happenings and phone support are ways to answer to our members.

Finnish Pain Association is part of
Pain Alliance Europe,

Together with the authorities, different associations and foundations, we can develop and promote social security, treatment, rehabilitation and other pain patient services.

Anyone who sees our work meaningful is happy to join us.



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